Jessie Smelter - Captured Muse Entertainment

Captured Muse Entertainment exists because of the song "Captured Muse". I wrote this song while on the road in 1986. It speaks to the creative spark:

You keep me from sleeping; I wake up and I find
The music you've been keeping locked up in my mind.
You're gone in an instant. You're there when you choose.
But when I am persistent, you become, you become my captured muse.
- from "Captured Muse" words/music Jessie Smelter copyright August 15, 1986 (BMI)

The word "muse" refers to one of the nine sister goddesses of learning and arts in Greek mythology. Given my life as a teacher and a musician, it's not too difficult to see how the song, CD title, and business name came to be.

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